• 2011 79th. Clothing Collection

    2011 79th. Clothing Collection

    Direction under Collection, done for 79th. Launch website

  • 2011 Disney® Zeke and Luther Town Tour

    2011 Disney® Zeke and Luther Town Tour

    Agency: 79th. Project made for Disney® XD in 2011. Working with specific brief made me do …

  • 2009 Disney® XD Towntour

    2009 Disney® XD Towntour

    Agency: 79th. Project, that I made for Disney® XD and Quiksilver. I made logotype and graphics, …

  • 2011 Quiksilver Snow Tour

    2011 Quiksilver Snow Tour

    Agency: 79th. Project made for Quiksilver, features poster design.

  • 2011 DC Crew

    2011 DC Crew

    Project done for Quiksilver – DC, including Logotype, drawing and some writing Printed in few thousands …

  • 2010 Burn Shoot The Town

    2010 Burn Shoot The Town

    Skateboarding Tour to south Ukraine – Crimea 2010. Video from tour has been shown in cinemas …

  • 2008 Skateboarding day

    2008 Skateboarding day

    For example, to delete

  • 2011 Foma

    2011 Foma

    Producent x Producent music project. music: Jakub Figiel, Maciej Janicki video: Maciek Janicki

  • Environmental Project

    Environmental Project

        I will put here description later

  • Adio Town Tour

    Adio Town Tour

    A film showing trip of the best polish skaters travelling around the europe. We’ve skated thru …

  • Reg Perfect and the Squeeges

    Reg Perfect and the Squeeges

    Music from the most famous movies, Live! Printed in few copies, B1

  • 2010 DC Snowboarding Day

    2010 DC Snowboarding Day

    Agency: 79th. Logotype and Poster for DC Snowboarding Day 2010. Photographs: Herman Photo



  • Yellow After

    Yellow After

    Little animation, that I’ve done for my school project about colour yellow. It’s pretty unfinished, however …